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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life Has Given us Lemons-Lots and Lots of Lemons----and We Love Them!

Although it may appear that Bobby is practicing his lasso skills, he is actually helping me to save my lemons! 

This tree---we've had our ups and downs...from being in a large pot on my front porch where it almost froze to death one year...until I finally gave in and agreed that it must be planted...just to see what could/would happen.  Surely, it has to be better?

And-----yes, in Southeast Alabama in the summertime, it is better----so much happier and healthier...and the branches are loaded, and heavy!  My brother-in-law assured me just last week that the lemon tree will probably not make it through this winter (I guess it's supposed to be a really hard winter in the South this year)----but, I have to believe!  I love believing and hoping and wishing----so, here's to a winter that is wonderful and cold, but one that my lemon tree will survive!

I think we should harvest over 50 lemons from our tree this fall!

For these lemons life has dealt, we are thankful...and wishful, and hopeful, and believing in a fall season full of good things for our family!  So many of us work for ourselves, by ourselves...and, we are constantly busy----working on new ideas, planning new items for the etsy shop, and doing our very best to keep our priorities in check.  May we be ever mindful of what is important!

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