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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A November to Remember...I am Thankful

This month has always been one of my favorites...remember when you were little and your favorite month was your birthday month? Yea...still true...not just because of my birthday, but November is just a beautiful time of year...the colors of nature and the beautiful crisp fall days-the sun even shines differently in November-the sky is more lovely, especially in the late afternoons when I walk my dogs and talk to God. I do this each day-it is my time-and usually only about 20-30 minutes...but it is a great time to reflect and thank God for all He does for me and my family.
It has been one of the most unusual months for me...Bobby had hernia repair surgery at the end of October-not a big deal, we thought...after having put it off for about 7 years. So Bobby decided to get it done...we are so busy, always, so no time is good----really. But-a few weeks-and back to work sounds simple enough...
Bobby developed (?) this sick...just not feeling well...and the site of the incision-well...infected-not good at all...Thankfully, he is on the mend now...and I truly mean "thankfully"-it has not been easy. I have tried to work and I have worked (lots!) ...but it is not the same to work when you are a bit worried about things-and, to tell you the truth - I am not a very good nurse. So, it is great to see him improving daily and feeling more like himself. He was actually so sick during the week of my birthday...and on the very day- he was in town running errands and did not come home until late. He was "looking for something"...he told me when I called to check on him...and so, you will never guess what he found for me for my birthday-you will never guess, so I will tell is precious, you see, -not expensive- as he said "it is the least of nothin'"...but to me,-my favorite gift this year. A toboggan-hunter orange! Is that a hoot? You see, it is deer hunting season here and my "walking territory" is close to other hunting property-he bought it for me to wear while walking the dogs:) And the birthday card-you should see it! A handwritten note on a folded piece of printer paper..."Happy Birthday" on the front, opening to "You are the sunshine in my life...can't wait to fix the house" "all my love" that is worth a million $$$$, don't you think? Just the sweet thought when he really felt lousy...and the "fix the house" see, we keep planning our small house remodeling project...other things get in the way, but we keep planning. Anyway, he is the greatest, sweetest, most caring and unselfish person I know-I mean, I really wanted to give "somebody" a piece of my mind when he developed that infection...but not Bobby, he is so kind and doesn't blame anyone at all-he is so good...just had to share that with you:) For Bobby, I am thankful.
And, my other favorite birthday dad called and sang to me...the "Happy Birthday" song...I will tell you, that will get you every time. For daddy, I am thankful.
Our daughter and son-in-law and grandson are getting ready to build a house close-by on the, I can't wait for Grayson to go for walks with me...and walk to my house to see me...and walking he is-everywhere now!!! For this move, I am thankful!
I have had a super sales month...lots of drapery orders and nursery bedding, and pillows...thank you, God...for these orders, I am thankful!
Going to my parents' home tomorrow for Thanksgiving Dinner! For this, I am thankful! It is great to visit my parents and family-Always!
Leaving you with a few photos of some of my latest projects...more to finish before Christmas--for more projects, I am thankful!
May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving as well...and make wonderful memories!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Pair of Barstools with Cottage Slips

Enough of that hiatus...what have I been doing???? More of the same...working-sewing-it seems that sometimes you can get behind with orders even on Etsy.
I am so thankful for stepped into my world when I needed it most! And, one day...maybe I can retire to only Etsy. I started my Etsy shop when after the Christmas holiday, there was not so much work...I had been thinking about how I could ship window treatments and pillows and other specialty items, but to who?...nobody across the country knew that I could sew. I did not realize that I could just "plug-in" to Etsy...the clients are already there-looking for quality handmade items.
Well, it has been great! The clients are kind...but they want their slipcovers and pillows and nursery bedding as soon as possible, too! And, as I have repeated many times, I have no elves...that show up at my workshop and sew all night long. That would only be me...and, I try not to sew past midnight. I think people in general do not realize the amount of time it takes to make one ruffled pillow...much less the time it takes to make a complete nursery with ruffles.
You know, one order is one order, but each one order combined...throws my world into a "free for all" race to the finish.
I really have not had the time lately to do some of my favorite "one of a kind" pieces. I love to find those certain pieces of furniture and change them up a bit.
I took a little time away tonight to do just that. These barstools (probably from the early 2000's) ...whitewashed rattan type bases...that part is ok for me. But the cushions were bright plaid...and dirty bright plaid. So, I covered them in natural cotton duck. And already an improvement I think. But to add a little interest, I made burlap slips with an ivory cotton ruffled edge. I love the simpleness of the color...the texture...and the ruffled edge-its just a cute thing...
So... simple, cute, classic barstools...a pair of them... 16" x 16" and 29" tall. Great seating with or without ruffles.
OK, now tomorrow...I will finish that Etsy ottoman slip-promise!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Trip to Say Good-Bye

I've been a bit busy...completing some small projects, directing Bobby on a couple of his projects, and tying up some loose ends. I'll be away a few days...not a, a very sad few days...

You see, I have always loved going to Texas-my mother's family lives all over the state. But this trip is not for fun---I must say good-bye to my Grandmother...she passed away on Sunday-and, oh I will miss her. She was the grandmother who took time to help me make my first skirt...and on a summer visit when I was maybe 12, she took me to the craft store and purchased supplies so that I could decoupage and make my very own purse-you remember the wood boxes...and I think I selected Holly Hobbie prints to decoupage. And she always had cookies baked for us (my siblings and me) to ice and decorate. And on later visits, she would help us coordinate our trips so that we could go to First Monday (the Canton, Texas flea market and antique sale)...I am really overwhelmed-there is so much to remember and share. So for now, I will direct you over to my daughter's website-she has a special post there to honor my grandmother-her great-grandmother...and, no one could have said it better. Thank you, Lauren.

I will leave you with a few photos of our latest projects...take care...

Friday, August 6, 2010

More White Slips

After learning that white cotton duck was sold out EVERYWHERE- I suggested to Elizabeth (Kappa Delta Sorority in Troy) that we should maybe try the white hopsack fabric for the chairs and ottoman slipcovers. I had already requested samples...and, it would have great texture as well as durability-14 oz as opposed to the 10 oz duck...
As usual practice, I prewashed and dried the fabric before beginning the slipcovers-only with this fabric, I cut smaller yardage per wash load. I normally cut 6-7 yards, but with this fabric having more bulk, I think I probably cut and washed about 4 yards/load. I also serged the ends that I cut to keep them from fraying in the washer and dryer. The hopsack washed and dried beautifully- and it does have this super texture and body...which adds a lot of interest and design to the white fabric.
I think the chairs and ottoman slipcovers look great in the sorority house...along with all the other new and/or restored pieces.
Elizabeth also ordered fabric yardage for lumbar pillows for the chairs and a large 48" square ottoman from Tonic Living. These fabrics are some of the cutest contemporary prints I have seen lately. It's always nice to learn about new fabric sites :)
As you can see in the before photo of the chairs-they are in perfect, how do you go from perfect to better??? And, really-I guess you don't so much...but the slipcovers in white simplify and unify the new look...and with slipcovers, you have options :)
Have a great weekend!! I have a little work to do :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bobby's Post

I wanted to share some of Bobby's newest furniture pieces and decided that today is the very best day of all to do just that! Happy Birthday, Bobby!!!
Bobby has come a long way with his building skill level since way back in the day-probably the early 80's when we were out shopping and I wanted to buy a shelf-you know the one-about 3 feet long, brown stain, country style with a couple of pegs and I think a heart cutout....I am sure it had a heart cut-out...all shelves of that day had heart cut-outs :)
Anyway, I wanted to buy this beautiful shelf...and Bobby said, "I can make that." So, as they say, the rest is history. I had no idea he could build things-nor did he, probably. But, being a farmer-he had to work on and fix most things, I guess he sort-of taught himself building skills by copying :) or shall we say "reproducing" things we found or bought.
Bobby made shelves, cabinets, Christmas ornaments, wood boxes, and a host of all sorts of other things that anyone might want...those were the craft show days...did I mention Bobby was a farmer??? Well, those farming days were a little (or alot) tough. Bobby and I both quickly learned that maybe his building skills would pay better than farming.
Bobby's craft show and cabinet building skills turned into home repair and remodeling skills as he ventured into some larger projects. He really is amazingly talented...with a unique style sense! I am very proud of all his accomplishments...I think maybe he is, too,...but you would never know because of his humble, quiet personality. But if you have an idea and want a unique, artsy piece of furniture...just ask him...but make sure he knows you are serious---just like the day we met Elizabeth and Stephanie at the Kappa Delta Sorority House at Troy University...they were really busy making decisions...and Bobby kept asking me, "am I supposed to be here?"-I think he sort of felt out of place...away from his comfort zone of "the barn".
Anyway, they got around to mentioning a couple of items they had in mind for the sorority house...and thought Bobby would be able to create just the pieces. And, I think he did just that...
Bobby has built several different benches, but he wanted these to really "show up"...and they do. But I am most thrilled with the coffee table they requested...and I hope to see Bobby build some other pieces similar in style (well, I PLAN to see Bobby build some other pieces similar in style :)
Thank you, Elizabeth and Stephanie, for calling us...
Have a great weekend!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Bobby! I LOVE YOU!!! :)