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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Pair of Barstools with Cottage Slips

Enough of that hiatus...what have I been doing???? More of the same...working-sewing-it seems that sometimes you can get behind with orders even on Etsy.
I am so thankful for stepped into my world when I needed it most! And, one day...maybe I can retire to only Etsy. I started my Etsy shop when after the Christmas holiday, there was not so much work...I had been thinking about how I could ship window treatments and pillows and other specialty items, but to who?...nobody across the country knew that I could sew. I did not realize that I could just "plug-in" to Etsy...the clients are already there-looking for quality handmade items.
Well, it has been great! The clients are kind...but they want their slipcovers and pillows and nursery bedding as soon as possible, too! And, as I have repeated many times, I have no elves...that show up at my workshop and sew all night long. That would only be me...and, I try not to sew past midnight. I think people in general do not realize the amount of time it takes to make one ruffled pillow...much less the time it takes to make a complete nursery with ruffles.
You know, one order is one order, but each one order combined...throws my world into a "free for all" race to the finish.
I really have not had the time lately to do some of my favorite "one of a kind" pieces. I love to find those certain pieces of furniture and change them up a bit.
I took a little time away tonight to do just that. These barstools (probably from the early 2000's) ...whitewashed rattan type bases...that part is ok for me. But the cushions were bright plaid...and dirty bright plaid. So, I covered them in natural cotton duck. And already an improvement I think. But to add a little interest, I made burlap slips with an ivory cotton ruffled edge. I love the simpleness of the color...the texture...and the ruffled edge-its just a cute thing...
So... simple, cute, classic barstools...a pair of them... 16" x 16" and 29" tall. Great seating with or without ruffles.
OK, now tomorrow...I will finish that Etsy ottoman slip-promise!