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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bobby's Post

I wanted to share some of Bobby's newest furniture pieces and decided that today is the very best day of all to do just that! Happy Birthday, Bobby!!!
Bobby has come a long way with his building skill level since way back in the day-probably the early 80's when we were out shopping and I wanted to buy a shelf-you know the one-about 3 feet long, brown stain, country style with a couple of pegs and I think a heart cutout....I am sure it had a heart cut-out...all shelves of that day had heart cut-outs :)
Anyway, I wanted to buy this beautiful shelf...and Bobby said, "I can make that." So, as they say, the rest is history. I had no idea he could build things-nor did he, probably. But, being a farmer-he had to work on and fix most things, I guess he sort-of taught himself building skills by copying :) or shall we say "reproducing" things we found or bought.
Bobby made shelves, cabinets, Christmas ornaments, wood boxes, and a host of all sorts of other things that anyone might want...those were the craft show days...did I mention Bobby was a farmer??? Well, those farming days were a little (or alot) tough. Bobby and I both quickly learned that maybe his building skills would pay better than farming.
Bobby's craft show and cabinet building skills turned into home repair and remodeling skills as he ventured into some larger projects. He really is amazingly talented...with a unique style sense! I am very proud of all his accomplishments...I think maybe he is, too,...but you would never know because of his humble, quiet personality. But if you have an idea and want a unique, artsy piece of furniture...just ask him...but make sure he knows you are serious---just like the day we met Elizabeth and Stephanie at the Kappa Delta Sorority House at Troy University...they were really busy making decisions...and Bobby kept asking me, "am I supposed to be here?"-I think he sort of felt out of place...away from his comfort zone of "the barn".
Anyway, they got around to mentioning a couple of items they had in mind for the sorority house...and thought Bobby would be able to create just the pieces. And, I think he did just that...
Bobby has built several different benches, but he wanted these to really "show up"...and they do. But I am most thrilled with the coffee table they requested...and I hope to see Bobby build some other pieces similar in style (well, I PLAN to see Bobby build some other pieces similar in style :)
Thank you, Elizabeth and Stephanie, for calling us...
Have a great weekend!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Bobby! I LOVE YOU!!! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And What About This Charming Natural Nursery???

Oh, my heart! Something about this crib bedding in natural lightweight softenend understated and simple. Just the detail of the ruffles to give it a little personality...shown here on my "workshop" cottage style crib, but wouldn't it look great on any baby bed out there??!!
And maybe even add a cording in ballet pink or pastel blue...for just a hint of color.
The bumper is made of four separate pieces with simple one inch ties-each piece of the bumper made with a zipper closure and wrapped poly insert that is removable for laundering.
The crib skirt measures 21 inches including the one inch ruffled hem.
The 12 x 16 inch pillow features a one inch ruffled edge and zipper closure to enclose the polyester pillow form.
Other nursery items available...crib coverlet, window treatments-roman shades or panels,...and other options :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slipping in a Wingback-Cottage Style

I am waiting....for the white cotton duck-it seems to be on backorder....everywhere. Who bought it all?????? I have a couple of chairs and an ottoman coming up for the Kappa Delta house in Troy-----meanwhile, back at the workshop---I had a call to slipcover a wingback. So, why not-I have time to "slip" :) it in.
And, was I ever surprised to see the fabric....a cute cottage-y floral matelasse. Now, I have enjoyed all the white and natural lately-but this sweet cottage style fabric was a welcome change. I think I will maybe change my fees to include "a list of your favorite fabric shops"...I would love to know where Kathy bought this fabric. Matelasse is such a great fabric-a little more difficult to work with when adding cording and sewing through multiple layers...but the texture and the quilted effect is worth it.
Kathy requested a gathered skirt...and, I hope she was thinking a short, gathered skirt...adorable, I think :)

Plans to wash some white cotton duck in the next couple of days and start the slipcovers for the Kappa Delta chairs and ottoman.

Coming soon...natural and cream linen ruffled ottoman slipcovers...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Preparing the Nursery for Master John Rivers Oliver

"...Know you what it is to be a child? It is to believe in love, to be so little that the elves can reach to whisper in your ear; to turn pumpkins into coaches...And nothing into everything. For each child has its fairy godmother in its soul." This small excerpt from a poem by Francis Thompson, an English my favorite. It truly speaks the sweetness of children-the innocence, the wonder, the simpleness of their spirit. I have had the honor to be inducted into the "grandmother" society...and, I will admit, there is nothing quite so grand!
And, is time to share this society with my sweet sister-in-law, Vicki...well, almost time.
Preparations are underway now for the new nursery. We are super excited that the parents-to-be, Beth and Bryan, have moved a little closer to home-that part makes everybody happier, really :)
Bobby and I made a visit and nursery bedding delivery to their new home in Montgomery just yesterday. You know, there is always something special about custom nursery bedding...first of all, mom-to-be always loves the design since she designed it herself...and, when you place it in the new crib... the fabrics and colors add a completeness to the space.
Beth and Bryan are still adding pieces to the nursery...the rocker and ottoman are being reupholstered...and I think the hunt is on for a dresser...and some artwork.
But for now, anyway, the nursery is precious in its soft grey-blue paint color and window treatments made by "Sister". Hey, I want to know-can this be your "grandmother name"???
And, let me tell you-the window treatments are wonderful-full floor length panels hung from rings showcasing the main print -a nursery rhyme toile "Over the Moon"- with a band of seersucker sewn down the lead edges. Details of the blue and white seersucker bows are placed at the top of the panels at the rings. The panels are interlined with a blackout lining-great idea for baby's naptime- and finished with drapery lining. Absolutely perfect, Vicki!!
The crib, a beautiful iron baby bed in bronze, is the focal point...what a beauty! Beth has planned some artwork to hang over the crib-maybe she will send me photos...
One other great find is the tiny chest of drawers-to hold all the tiny clothes for baby.
Now, back to the crib...I had the honor of making the crib bumper and bedskirt. Beth requested a pillow style bumper with a darling mixture of cottage style nursery fabrics. The inside of the bumper features the nursery rhyme toile, the outside is a blue diamond matelasse, a soft green cotton was chosen for the cording and the ties are made with the blue and white seersucker stripe.
The gathered floor length bedskirt in the blue and white seersucker finishes the bedding, except for the coverlet. It is being quilted and should arrive soon.
I love your nursery, Beth and Bryan...and we are all so excited and look forward to the arrival of this new baby. Much Love to you-Beth, Bryan and John Rivers!!! Hugs~ Aunt "Honey"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Soft Aqua-Could it have a calming effect? I HOPE SO!!!!

OK...So, it seems that the last couple of weeks have put Bobby and me over into a new place of crazy/busy!!!! Be careful what you wish for, but I will say most importantly, "Thank you, God!".
We are continuously trying to find a new twist to change up some of our favorite pieces-and, I could not wait to take this one to our booth at Old South Antique Mall yesterday....but, we had a call from someone local, and when I mentioned we were busily getting ready to go to Dothan to measure a home for roman shades and other things, she immediately asked, "are you taking anything to the antique store?" I answered, hesitantly-(am I crazy?)-"well, yes...we have a few things to carry to our booth..."
Well, the story goes on that she wanted to come here immediately (before we left) to see "the new bench"...and, although I told her we would make her another one similar -I never know if we can do 2 things exactly the same-no promises in that area :) - she insisted that she would buy the bench, and a couple of other smaller pieces right then and there...and, as much as I appreciated the sale, I really did want to take that newest project to display at Old South Antique Mall.
We really have not had time to go on our favorite "day jaunts" to find some new items to add to the mix in our booth...but, I am sure things will settle down....but what do you wish for? A sort of nice problem, I'll say...
At least, I did take a few photos of my favorite piece of all time (to date) to share with you. Maybe you have some existing pieces that we could help you "change up" ...let us know, but don't call before 9, please...we sometimes work really, really, really late...and, these 6 am phone calls- well, not so good. Thanks for understanding!!! I can't believe I am actually writing about that, but it happens, and I know that we should be up at 6am, and maybe once in a while we are--but I try to handle my emails and home stuff first thing...and, out to the shop maybe by 9ish...I guess when you work from home, it's kind of whatever...there is no escaping it! Again, nice problem...sometimes :)
OK----thanks to everyone for accepting us for our eccentricities, oddities, and...our artsy lifestyle. We Love It Here in our World!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!