Ideas and suggestions for window treatments, slipcovers, nursery decor and bedding...and other thoughts and inspirations for your home and garden...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Sale at Old South Antique Mall

Old South Antique Mall in Dothan, Alabama is having a sale this weekend. Bobby and I added a couple of new items to our booth there. And, if you are close enough-you might want to go and check it out...the mall is full of fabulous furniture and decorative items-at great prices, regardless of the sale!!!
Bobby made this new bench using a spindle full size bed headboard. He added a seat of mitered pine boards and some rope trim, and painted it with a black satin...and of course distressed it a bit to add to the charm. This piece could take the place of a couple of chairs at your farm table...or add a couple of pillows and use it on your screened porch overlooking the lake!
I added a 60" loveseat...a second hand piece I am sure you can tell by the "beautiful" shiny blue upholstery...but the piece is clean and the best part-the cushions are a down blend!! It is a classic with the small rolled arms and 4 cushions. Bobby adjusted the seat height a bit to make it more "user friendly". It now has a seat height of a comfortable 19 inches. I made the slipcover of the same natural cotton duck I used for a previous piece. I love this fabric-not too white to fear...but light none the less. I bought a full bolt of this fabric because I thought it would be great in so many applications. It has a background of off white with a few crossthreads of a warm chocolatey gray. A most comfortable loveseat for the price...and easy to clean-simply remove the covers, wash and dry :)
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend...Have a great one!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving on to Something So Sweet

So the slipcovers have been great...and there are more to come, but I am changing my focus to some sweeter sewing thoughts and inspirations...
This adorable crib bedding was made using a lightweight linen fabric in muted soft pink. Each piece is a classic style detailed with a one inch ruffled edge. So very simple and so very charming, don't you agree?
Contact me for your nursery bedding...using your fabrics or mine...your design or mine:)
Custom details on these items include hidden zippers on the crib duvet and pillow, allowing the pieces to be monogrammed. What sweet additions to your nursery...
The crib bumper is available with hidden zippers, allowing for easy laundering. The four piece bumper is filled with one inch polyester batting, lightweight and soft.
The duvet features a polyester batting filler that has been wrapped in white prewashed cotton.
I added a 12 x 16 inch pillow cover with a poly pillow insert to this group-a perfect crib pillow or as an accent to your rocker.
A 21 inch bedskirt length allows a beautiful look when the crib mattress is raised to its highest position.
Window treatments, full length panels or valance styles, are also available.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lovely Crumply Linen Dining Chair Slips...New Pictures from Home

Kay shared a few of her photos with, I just had to share with you. It is truly amazing how much better furniture looks in its rightful place. Take a look at what she has done-Kay took the dining slips to the embroidery shop and had monograms added...what a beautiful room, Kay.
Also-in her kitchen...the cute chair back slips Kay made using pillowcases and ribbon-adorable and dandy, I think!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shaunna's Slips (Part 2) and a few FAQ

First of all- an update on our Alabama beaches...they are OIL FREE for now-as beautiful as can see from a few of the pics I posted!!! Just wanted you to know...come for a visit :)

Now, on to the business at hand- Shaunna's chair and a half...and ottoman- oversized, to say the least. I just completed (YAY!!!!) the slips for these! Shaunna now has options - the prewashed and dried white 10 ounce cotton duck tailored slipcovers - a perfect option for summer and the new look Shaunna has going in her beautiful home!!! And, option 2...remove the slips and use the original red upholstery for: 1) a quick color change or 2) while washing and drying the white ones :)
Shaunna, I hope you and your family will enjoy these slipcovered pieces!!! Thanks again for contacting me. I truly appreciate the me again!!

So let's move on to some Frequently Asked Questions...I receive calls with usually some of the same basic questions regarding slipcovers-I love the phone calls and emails, so keep them coming :) But, for those of you who might be a bit shy, here is a "getting started" list for slipcovers...
1) What is the best kind of furniture to slipcover?
Answer: Most any piece of furniture can be slipcovered...but as for me and my shop, I prefer any upholstered piece (sofa, loveseat, club chair, ottoman). I make separate covers (with cording detail and zipper closures) for each cushion. Some pieces have semi-attached back cushions...and I have been known to do a little minor "surgery" to remove these cushions so that they can be covered as separate pieces. It doesn't hurt a thing (unless you want to go back to your original upholstery)...and really makes for a better piece of furniture.
2) What about dining room or kitchen chairs?
Answer: Yes, I will slipcover these as well. Some wood frame chairs slip better in two pieces-one that slides over the back and a separate piece for the seat and skirt. Other options, like the dining chairs I slipcovered a couple of posts back, are one piece little dresses...with a few dressmaker details- this is where you can add your own ideas :) Options include skirt length, button detail, tailored or cottage-y design elements...
3) What kind of fabric do I choose?
Answer: This depends on your design style...but, above all, for a want to be able to wash and dry the cover (after all, that is the idea). So, be sure to choose a washable fabric. And, on this topic, some of your fabric stores and websites may insist that the cotton fabric you are selecting is "dry clean only"....well, if it is a true cotton a yard and take it home and wash and dry it-see what happens. This is a great way to test the fabric before you put lots and lots of $$$$$ into the yardage. If you do not like the way it looks, try again (look for a different fabric). I have made slipcovers with heavier upholstery fabrics...but, I am limiting that option for now-you must check with me before I agree to do this. It just does not make sense to me to sew a slipcover out of a thick, heavyweight chenille upholstery that cannot be washed. And, furthermore, my sewing machine needles just can't handle the pressure :) If you want some of this heavy weight fabric, maybe add a couple of pillows using these materials.
The best fabrics for slipcovers are cotton ducks, either 7 or 10 ounce-your choice (Shaunna chose the 10 ounce for more durability), linens, denims, and other medium weight natural cotton fabrics. Cotton ducks come in a variety of prints as well as, check them out on the millions :) of fabric websites available. Look in the home decor fabric section-54"-60" width is best. And, occasionally, since I LOVE to buy fabrics at great prices,...I may have something you would like available...let me know if you would like to see a few swatches-I can take a few pictures and email or I will even mail you a swatch :)
4)How much fabric do I buy?
Answer: This all depends on the piece of furniture you are covering. Basically, you will need about the same yardage as would be required if you were having the piece reupholstered. But, remember to add a little to this depending on the skirt style (ruffled skirts use more fabric than tailored ones) and add a little extra for shrinkage. There are reupholstery charts all over the internet-google and find one...look for "your" piece of furniture...and there you go. Basically, standard club chairs take about 7 yards, standard sofas (what is standard? I don't know....each piece is different really-but just a basic size) require about 17-20 yards, loveseats somewhere in between, and ottomans, depending on the size, a couple of yards...Shaunna order 50 yards for her "huge" oversized 96" sofa, chair and a half, and large ottoman...I have not measured the leftover fabric, but there may be somewhere in the 8-9 yards area. I think these pieces took about 40 yards total.
5)Do I have to wash and dry my fabric?
Answer: If you want to be able to wash and dry your slipcover, then this is a MUST!!!! Otherwise, your slipcover will shrink after you wash it, and it will never fit again :( All that $$$ for fabric and labor would be wasted...And, if you are too afraid to wash and dry the fabric, I will adjust my labor pricing and do this part for you. Basically, cut your yardage into 4-6 yard increments and wash and really is just that easy :)
6) How much will my slipcover cost? What is the labor price?
Answer: This depends on the piece of furniture and the details you would like. My current labor pricing is as follows: club chairs starting at $150, loveseats starting at $200, sofas starting at $250, and ottomans starting at $75. As I noted, details take extra time...and buttons, cording, zippers and thread are costs to me as well-so if you have a particular piece and have a few ideas...and would like a price quote, contact me. I will be happy to figure this for you.
And for payment options...I do not require any money when I get started, unless you are purchasing fabric from me. I do, however, expect payment in full at delivery-either by cash, check, or... I am now offering invoicing by PayPal for those of you who like to pay online. Just let me know which you prefer.
7) I live a million miles away... will you slipcover my piece of furniture if I send you measurements and photos?
Answer: NO!!! I mean, I can't :( I would hate to waste your fabric-after all, you will have quite a bit of $$$ invested in it...and I require the piece of furniture (as I stated earlier, each piece is different) for making your custom slipcover. I am very picky about fitting the slipcover to the piece of furniture. I like a bit of oversize...but to do this and follow the "lines" of your particular piece of furniture ( without having it in my workshop) would take a magician...or maybe a simple "over the counter" slipcover is what you need...But, if you want a custom slipcover for your piece, it is best that your seamstress (or at least that is what I require) have the item that is to be covered. I offer a pick-up and delivery service for my slipcovers....well, Bobby does this part :) And, if you are close enough, say 2-3 hours from my shop...or you can meet us in between, we will be happy to pick up your piece!!
*******I will, however, make slipcovers for ottomans without the piece-so, for you who live far, far away-send me a photo or two...and some measurements-either through my email or my Etsy shop...I will respond with yardage requirements, labor pricing,...and I can ship your finished slipcover to you!
8) How long will it take?
Answer: Well, this is not an easy answer. But depending on my schedule-I try not to keep your item but a week, maybe space is limited,, I don't really want to store your piece for long :) (Alice, if you are there....I know we discussed your chair earlier-I still have it and your fabric, I promise -you kind of knew my crazy schedule-your slipcover is coming soon-thanks so much for your patience :)
9) Are you the "great oz" of slipcovers? HAHAHAHA!!!
Answer: No, by all means....there are lots of seamstresses out there who do a much better job than I do, I am sure...but, I have been at this for I thought it would be helpful for all of you out there to have a few clues...I love my job-sometimes it gets a bit hectic with the deadlines from the decorators for drapes and pillows and bedding...but, I still love it! And, I am truly thankful that I have been given this ability and talent from God...a way that I can help with my family's finances and meet some of the most lovely and interesting people from near and far. Thanks to all of you for supporting and encouraging my career :) I truly appreciate you!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Day Away for a Little R & R (HA!)

Every now and then, it's good to get we are doing just that-a quick day trip to the beach-a getaway of sorts, I guess. It's one of my favorite beaches, although we probably won't have time to walk on the sand-it's ok, really. I would just like to have a little time left over ( after our headboard and bedding installation at the condo) to visit the cutest of vacation home get-aways...The Fish Camp at Orange Beach, Alabama. The Fish Camp is a great little development on Wolff Bay of individually owned cottages. The architecture is designed to be a Southern style fish camp community with luxury amenities. Bobby and I happened upon this little retreat a few years ago while working on a drapery and bedding the way, we make house calls-and beach house calls, and vacation house calls!!!!
It is good to be away and see new things...a sort of inspiring trip... I am sure it will be!!
I wish we could stay awhile, but...I have a couple of pieces of furniture to finish "slipping"...
Shaunna's Slips (Part 2) coming soon :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bobby's Latest-A Pair of Benches in Softened Cream

Bobby just completed these adorable benches! And, great extra seating they would your sunroom, playroom, at the breakfast table, or on any covered porch. Add a couple of pillows to each for a cozy, comfy look. Each spindle bench measures 30 inches wide x 43 inches tall (at the back) x 19.5 inches deep. The seat height is a perfect 19 inches...
The finish is a slightly distressed softened cream. Bobby has plans to display this pair at Old South Antique Mall, but that may be a few days, if you are interested in these two--let us know. I am sure Bobby will be happy to deliver them...depending on your location :)
The set will be priced at $210 at the antique store...until then, however...$180 for the pair!!
And, about those me :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shaunna's Slips ( Intro and Part 1)

So, to tell you the truth, in the beginning this new chic had us sort of "shakin' in our boots"...I mean-I started hearing "have you seen Shaunna's blog?"....not once, not twice, but lots and lots and lots. And the only Shaunna I knew of at all had been in school with my children...Could it be that Shaunna? She was painting furniture and decorating? She kind of appeared suddenly and with great reviews...and I looked her up and was quite impressed :) And I told Bobby to take a look at this blog-look what she's doing...and what did he say? First of all, he said "she looks like her momma, doesn't she?"...well now, if you have any knowledge of history in our county, you know that's a compliment-and in more ways than one :) And I said, "look at her furniture, Bobby, it's good, isn't it?..."
And so the word on the streets was that the antique store where we house and hopefully sell our painted and repurposed furnishings would probably close and we would all go broke :)...blah, blah, blah, drama, ...Anyway, then Bobby (the wise, good man) said, "y'all be nice to that little girl..."
And I know, he's right...we want our artsy town to be the best....and to have lots of great artistic people-all different-with his or her own unique talents...there is room for all of us. We do all have somewhat varied styles...from a little rustic and primitive to refined and fresh. So if you haven't had the opportunity to meet Shaunna, do it now...she's charming and it's great to have a new artsy friend....any day :)
Now that we are finished with the introduction...I am truly honored that Shaunna contacted me to make her slipcovers!!!! And what big furniture pieces she has-on the scale of small to large, Shaunna's pieces are HUGE! They are comfy, cozy, oversized and THE PERFECT PIECES FOR SLIPCOVERS!!!!! I love the style-all separate cushions...and great arms! Shaunna's fabric of choice...well, if you know Shaunna, you know that answer-WHITE COTTON DUCK!! The transformation to this casual, beachy look is perfect for summer...take a look at the photos. Hey Shaunna, please share photos on your blog, pretty please-my space (even my new workspace) does not do these oversized beauties justice....the photos will be much better taken in a larger space, I am sure.
So, this is the sofa....we decided to start with the largest piece and work down to the chair and a half and ottoman. Shaunna prewashed and dried her fabric (THANKS FOR SAVING ME LOADS-pun intended- OF TIME :) And I know you did not have time to do this laundry, either, Shaunna...really-thanks! Oh, and a word about washing slipcovers. I serge all raw edges so...if your slipcover fabric has been pre-laundered, that should take care of shrinkage issues for later, but they are kind of like your if you dry your cotton slipcovers totally...they will fit tightly, but they will stretch and be fine. (So especially on the cushion covers...the big ones, you might feel as though you are arm wrestling a bear to get them on, but it is worth the effort :)
And my, how I wish that before I had priced the labor for these great pieces, I had seen that beautiful turquoise dresser in Shaunna's entryway (see it HERE). Now that would have been the swap :) I LOVE THAT PIECE!!!!! I love what you are doing with your home Shaunna. I love unique pieces of old furniture...and remade pieces of furniture...and pieces that Bobby builds...and well, I love furniture with a story. the sofa is ready, Shaunna-call me when you are home and we will deliver this one and pick up the next pieces. I hope you love them, my new "artsy" friend :) I truly appreciate your business and I am so honored that you considered me for your project! Talk to you soon!!!