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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Few "Heart of Dixie" Chicks

Saturday...not always my day "off", but today is chick day at Scott Farms...and Bobby and I have been talking about having a few chickens for eggs. I mean, we live on a farm...and that is what we are supposed to do...everybody says we will "love it".'s to raising chickens. There is a really cute article (Chicks are for Kids) in the April/May issue of Mary Janes Farm magazine, a charming publication dedicated to the "farm girl" in all of us:)
OK, now back to Scott Farms...I've included some photos in this post to let everyone know what you are missing...or what I have been missing. It is the greatest farm supply store, ever (and especially in our rural area)-stocking all sorts of animal feeds and supplies; flowers, plants (including herbs) and garden seeds; and all other kinds of necessities for farmers and everybody else. And, along with all the items for sale, the store is a kind of mini museum of sorts with displays of antique farm implements and signs. But today, they were selling chicks!!! And chicken feeders, and waterers, and feed...we bought it all. I think they will have more chicks, and maybe ducks, too, in May.
We have our chicks "at home" now in our children's old rabbit for a few weeks, they should be fine. They will graduate to the "Pat House" that will become a cute little chicken coop after they grow a little. More on the story of the "Pat House" in a later blog.
Now, Mack, if your store only had fabrics, and pillow forms, and sewing supplies:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


OK...just a quick post to show off this cutie!!! A different vintage chair-do you remember these with the channel backs? I always kind of cringe-it's a little more challenging to make a slipcover "work" on this style...something about that rounded back deal. But this one made me feel better-and who wouldn't??? The fabric is as wonderful as the chair-a great vintage-y looking cotton floral-bright and bold.
So, for the fun chair and fun fabric...a fun little short sassy skirt with gathered front corners and a couple of inverted pleats in the back. Take a look. And check out the channels-it almost takes on a "real upholstery" (like a Pinocchio effect) look.
Now, back to work for lots I have to do and more that I want to do. Have a good day!
It's beautiful outside!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Whose law is it anyway?

You know, each and every year ( for the last few it seems anyway), I start doubting my continuous orders right after the holidays. That's when it usually slows a bit, for whatever reason...and I get a little bit "worried". Well, this year-like all the others-it happened. I fretted the whole month of January and a little of February-just not as busy-but maybe, too, the economy stuff and health care (ugh...). So what do I do now? I mean-there are some orders-but not as many "decorator-in-charge" orders. And...we still have 2 children, or should I say "young adults" in college.
I think it is "Murphy's Law" that states that anything that can go wrong does go wrong...or something to that effect...but I always say that it is the "Law of the Land"-either you have nothing to do or way, way, way too much...So that happened too...THANK YOU GOD!!! This is truly God's Law...and I am so thankful (even though I might whine or wonder how I am going to get to everybody).
I am working on a "real decorator" order now (beautiful Schumacher antique gold dot moire fabric drapes and coordinating sofa pillows with a braided cording- the dining room is next, and then the master, I think) ...and those orders CANNOT be put on the back burner, ever. But, I have a chair to slipcover with some of the cutest fabric ever-stay tuned for that one-I'm going to slip it in pretty soon-...and a child's bedroom whose mom keeps calling to see if I'm ready, " yet?"...and some white slipcovers for a set of dining chairs....and a zebra fabric slipcover for an ottoman...and a kitchen window treatment to discuss and figure out...and a living room-drapes...and a master bedroom complete-duvet, shams, and drapes (by April),...a sweet nursery for a precious "grandmother-to-be", ...and a couple other people in Dothan who probably have given up on me by now... And...I have some "great ideas" that I want Bobby and me to work on together. I wish I could do those right now, you know?
This is one of those "love-hate" things....I hate it when I am not busy... and, I love it when I am busy....but I hate having to make people wait...and, it is soooooo difficult to know how long any project is going to take. I work for myself, by myself-I told my mom the other day that I always did love that story "The Shoemaker and the Elves"...but, I have no elves...just me (and I haven't taught Bobby to sew,....yet). That could be a story for another day...
I really want to do all these projects...and I will-if everyone will wait for me. I try to keep an order to my business-although it's really hard not to help someone with a real deadline.
So, I will just keep sewing the way, we are still moving into the workshop-it's going to be great-I can just tell! But, that "law" takes up lots of time...and I need a couple of weeks off to move-but I'm not complaining...
Thanks again, God, for opportunities!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have Re-"Stuffed" the Nook...and other new details

Hey... I wanted to let you know that the nook is re-stuffed with lots of fun new and old small treasures. Stop by Troy Antiques on the square in downtown Troy, Alabama and check it out.
Sometimes I wonder if it is all "worth it"...the time, the focus, the time, the time.....and the time.
Where do we focus our efforts? Where should we focus our efforts? Bobby has all he can do , I have all I can do...and, believe me, we are thankful each and every day that this is the case. We praise God from whom all blessings flow...
And, most of all, we love, love, love what we do! That is the best part of our "jobs". People sometimes ask if Bobby is "retired"-because he goes along with me as my personal window treatment "installation expert"-and I guess because he is not at a "real" job. The answer is "No"-Bobby is not retired. He works lots-and late hours-and weekends, too, most times.
But, I think that because we enjoy our work, both Bobby and me, and that for the most part, we work together, it does not seem like a "job".
We truly enjoy all that we do-restoration projects, building, art and sewing projects, light fixture making and repair, re-purposing, light upholstery, refinishing, painting, and the occasional "hunting" for unique finds and treasures...and at the same time mix in visits to our beautiful grandson Grayson...and our children, Lauren, Allie and Brantley-it is most definitely "worth it".
So...just wanted to share that we have added one more thing to our list: Etsy...might as well give it a try. After all, most everything we do is handmade. Just wish we could figure out how to ship a loveseat to Chicago... ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

MY WORKSHOP IS FINISHED!!!!!!! (Almost...)

Well, the secret is out-there! I have not really told anyone about this-I mean, all of you who know me so well know that I have been wishing and hoping for this. But, I wanted it to be "real" before I shared. I am sooooo excited about my new space! Bobby has been working lots and lots of late hours-and, finally- at last, my workshop space is a reality. I have been working for years-sewing, painting, whatever the project of the moment happens to be-in our small family room and Lauren's bedroom and wherever else in our house that has extra space. And, anytime there was "company a comin'", we would shove all the fabric and whatever out of the way...and, I don't know if anybody really cared, but I always, always felt the need to explain why I had all this stuff in our family room. Well, to tell you the truth, our house is a workshop...and, Bobby and I live in our workshop. But we hope to recapture our home with some long past due updates . Meanwhile, we will be (slowly...and, little by little) moving all of my "supplies" -believe me, it will take quite some time to do this as it takes lots and lots of "supplies" for art and sewing projects.
So I will share a few photos...and, now-I will have an office and workshop to "meet" with you. I know there will always be other things we need to complete...but the space is great!
Thanks, Bobby! I Love You!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Children's Bedding...Cute and Bright

It all starts with an inspiration piece...this one when Elly's mom spotted the darling monkey curtain panels from Pottery Barn Kids. She had been looking for the duvet fabric, and when she saw the monkey print-she knew the fabric would be perfect! She called to ask if I could make a duvet from curtain panels. And, the answer is "yes" long as you can buy the panels long enough for the duvet length. I used (2) curtain panels-took the lining off and split one panel for the sides. The other fabrics were purchased by Elly's mom-I think they are adorable together...and I can't wait to see pictures after installation.
The bedding group includes a queen duvet/coverlet made of the pink monkey print fabric, corded with brown multi dot using medium size cording, and backed using a light green bed sheet. Also, pillowshams: 2 Euroshams of brown multi dot with a 3" gathered self ruffle. We opted to sew the forms inside, allowing the shams to look the same from both sides--after all, who really washes pillow shams? In addition to the Euros, two standard shams of the cutest rick rack fabric detailing a 2" pleated corner flange using the reverse side of the fabric . Notice the sham back detail in the photos. For the dust ruffle I made a gathered bedskirt using the same rick rack fabric. There are a few accent pillows left to be made...we are awaiting the pink monogram on the green animal print for the 10" x 30" bolster...and I have to add a couple of small pillows-one of yellow minkee dot and one small square pillow to match the Euroshams. There will also be a round tablecloth of yellow and white ticking stripe with a topper of the brown multi dot edged with a cute, cute tassel fringe trim.
The windows will be treated with valances mounted on boards. The boards have a back skirt of the brown multi dot fabric and a front treatment featuring scallops made from the rick rack fabric...showcasing both sides of this fabric.
I will go now and try to complete the accent pillows and midweek.
Call or email if I can help you figure yardage for your bedding ideas...