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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Random Weekend Ideas

Bobby had a few good ideas this weekend that I wanted to share. It was so nice outside...and we didn't have a thing we needed to work on:) Yea, right. I did accomplish moving some of my "things" into my workshop-YAY! I like stuff around...for inspiration, I guess...I just like some pleasing art, old stuff, photos, ...surrounding the space where I work. But, I'm not quite done there:)
Back to Bobby's ideas...outside-I don't have before pictures...and the afters (as I noticed the background) aren't the best...but the ideas...GOOD!
So, first of all, he finished his newest bench...and a BIG BENCH-great for a porch or family room or office waiting area. This bench measures 78" long x 24" deep x 48" tall. He finished it in distressed black. It could probably use a couple of pillows-I know someone you could call to have those made:) I think the bench will probably find its way to Old South Antique Mall in Dothan is WAAAAY to heavy for Etsy-shipping would probably be one million dollars;) But, if you are interested, we do have a trailer and will deliver within a couple of hours of Troy, Alabama-for WAAAY less than a million dollars-probably free shipping.
We also spiffed up the flower bed in front of the "loft"-the name of the building that houses my workshop. This flower bed allows for a sort of circular drive for the UPS and FedEx delivery trucks. Anyway, the lady banks rose, although beautiful this year, was too heavy and seemed a bit sad. So, we "found" the iron trellis we bought at Pike Road (year before last) and tied the rose to, absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It looks as though fancy people live here now...or, at least, people who care about their gardens. And, I love our yard and garden and farm, but it is overwhelming (to say the least) to know where to start, and/or stop your yard when it continues into the meadow and field. I must admit, too, that I am no gardener-I love gardens and beautiful yards-but, I have too much going on to fit all that in to my schedule now-maybe tomorrow, Scarlett. to the best idea-Bobby made a trellis/arched iron gateway to my workshop!!! And, it was his idea! It is way better than it looks....and you have to see into the future a little , after I have planted the roses and they are climbing and covering this BEAUTY! This little gate used to open to the pasture where we kept Allie's horse-that was a short story!! Anyway, I get attached to anything and everything, gates I wanted to keep the gate, but I wanted Bobby to build a trellis over it with roses and vines...and I can walk through it on my way to "work" each day. Doesn't that sound fun and romantic?! So you see from the pictures what he came up with...and it was instant. He used old-very old-iron railings from somebody's porch I suppose....and they formed an automatic arch-well an imperfect arch because of the broken piece. But, that is ok, right Shaunna? It is one of those perfectly imperfect things. And, it is grand!!! I LOVE IT! And, I will show you pictures after the roses and vines grow...
Oh, I almost forgot....take a look at this lettuce from the garden-I can't believe the rabbits haven't found it!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Slips and Stuff...Coming Sooner or Later!

Hey! We've been out on the hunt for some "new" projects...not that we have time, but while we're out, we're always on the hunt. And, we found a few things to slipcover and refurbish. I just thought I would share the "befores" now...and, to let you know that I am not exactly sure when the "afters" will post.
I am still working on my "decorator" projects. Those projects sometimes "grow", which is never a bad thing...but it does cut into my time. I really love working on my projects-the projects where I work with the's a bit more personal and fulfilling. But, the decorators know more people...and payday is good any day.
My current job has me wrapped up in cream colored silk and braided trim-over 30 yards of each...for lined and interlined drapery panels for the master; and the same fabric and trim for the windows of the bath made into tailored valances that will be hung from rods and rings. Beautiful...but the off white always scares me a little-afraid I will get it "dirty" before installation time.
So, here are the photos-( including the beautiful roses from the garden)...can't wait to work on these things!!
And, have I told you how much I adore all things and anything "Holly Hobbie"? It's just something about the sweetness -and simple goodness. I love her world...the perfect world.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!! And, do you remember these days?

We've been doing a little Spring cleaning around here...not too much, mind you-just clearing out where we need the space. So, we happened upon these cuties...remember the good 'ol days of "arts and crafts shows"...Boy, it makes me tired just thinking about how much effort we put into having a "good show". The best ones were the fall shows-Pike Road, SAC's Gallery, Ft. Rucker, Ozark,, it makes my head spin to think about it. We worked day and late, late into the night preparing for these-and always hoping for "good" weather so people would show up and buy our "art", and believe me, we needed people to buy our "art".
I really enjoyed painting the things for Spring Shows, too...but, rarely did a show/sale happen before Easter...and, Bobby always said that Spring Shows weren't worth the time and effort involved.
Well, I miss painting these cute holiday decorations. Maybe one day, we will think about showing at an arts and crafts fair again. It would be fun to prepare and display without having to worry about the $$$ :)

I hope you all find the Golden Egg!!!! Easter Blessings to you all~Debbie