Ideas and suggestions for window treatments, slipcovers, nursery decor and bedding...and other thoughts and inspirations for your home and garden...

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Baby Bunting...Poppa's Favorite old shirt?

Looking for the perfect lightweight, soft, cotton fabric for a baby shouldn't take much fabric to make the gown....something maybe in blue...and, there, in the closet...the old work shirt....I'm sure it has been washed one hundred times at least. And, it is so soft, and it is cotton, and maybe, just maybe there is enough fabric.

Perfect...the sweetest drawstring gown for baby with a few tiny buttons and detailed cotton trim. With love from Honey and Poppa...

Summertime Slips

Summertime...a great time for get-togethers and cook-outs in the garden and around the pool. A great time, too, to update worn outdoor furniture with fresh, new fabrics and paint. There are lots of websites and local fabric stores offering sales on outdoor fabrics. And, with so many designs from which to choose, you will probably find that your options are limitless. You can select companion fabrics to mix and match, or go out on a limb to create your own combination of color and pattern.

It is a lot easier to select your fabrics first, then choose your paint colors for accent pieces such as a second hand coffee table or side tables made using old windows.

These blue print cushion and pillow slipcovers detail self-cording and contrast print boxing along with zippered closures. The zippered covers allow the owner to remove these summertime slips to reveal brown cushions and pillows for fall and winter.

Call or email me to set up a consultation for discussing your outdoor space.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clothes for Baby

I must find a little time...a lot of make some sweet baby boy clothes. My first "real" sewing projects were baby clothes. My mother suggested I take a smocking class after my first child was born. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to smock...but at the time, I knew nothing about constructing garments....only how to do the handwork. I would timidly ask Bobby's Aunt Mary Lizzie to help me with constructing the garments after I finished a smocking project. I remember wishing I could sew. Well, after a while I guess I just decided to read the pattern and try it myself.

I have since made lots and lots of precious baby and children's favorites are cute little playclothes with mix and match fabrics. I sew mostly home decor now...but, I will gladly make some outfits for Grayson...and for your little one if you would like. Please email or call for special options and orders.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Fun Part

I am a seamstress...and, most of my time I spend sewing for decorators. That is my job...and, I am truly thankful each and every day to have a job. Sometimes, though, that is not exactly what I want to do-the sewing part...I love creating window treatments, don't get me wrong, but I occasionally get an idea that I think might be "good", or even "better" than my decorator's. However, I would never, ever, suggest we do something other than my "workorder". And, it is their idea, not mine, that the client selected. So, I do as I am told.
The "fun part" of what I do is having a client of my own!!! Having my own client allows me to make suggestions-toss ideas around for the style, color, hardware, and function of the window treatment. But, better than that, if you could imagine, is going to some of the homes I get to visit!!! Wow!
Today, I visited with a charming lady with a wonderful, whimsical room. You would have thought you had jumped into a Mary Englebreit magazine..."TOO CUTE"...that is the perfect title for Susanne's room.
We had lots of fun planning for her many concrete decisions, yet, on whether to use long panels or fun, playful valances. But the fabrics are a sure thing: a playful mix of narrow primary stripes on white cotton, solid red cording, and a cute contrast check in blue, I think.
The main issue is to add to the room's (and client's) vivacious personality! And, I am sure we will.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Few Cute Pieces for your Cabin

Bobby just completed a few small pieces perfect for a small home or cabin. The old window shelf details two pegs made of stained wooden thread spools. A little mustard chest stands 25" tall and 15" wide-it will fit just about anywhere...and perfect for extra storage! Another accessory in mustard is the corner stand with 4 shevles...
The window shelf is on display and for sale at On the Square Antiques in Troy. The other pieces are available at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan, Alabama. Call for special orders or designs for your space!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cottage and Cabin...Nursery Collection

One of my favorite collections...Cottage and Cabin Nursery. I have always enjoyed making nursery bedding groups...mixing and matching fabrics...painting a piece of furniture...and, working with clients for their special "arrival". My latest nursery, I will say, has been the most fun...not because I truly loved the fabrics or colors or design (although I did)...but, because it is for my very first grandchild....I really can't believe it...I feel like I am living in a fairytale...but, it is Grayson is due in August. His room is complete and ready for him, except for hanging a shelf and a picture or two.

So, naturally, with baby rooms in mind, I am constantly thinking of ways to adapt a piece of furniture for "The Nursery".

This cute red side table would be the perfect fit in a nursery using primary colors...the glass covered inset details royal blue on white old fashioned nursery rhymes and drawings. The table would be good for a lamp and, placed next to a platform rocker slipcovered in a blue and white check, could be the inspiration piece for the complete nursery design.

This table is for sale and available at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan, Alabama.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Started...A few items for the "nook"

These are samples of things I enjoy creating...some on my own, and some with the help of my talented husband, Bobby. These items are for sale at On the Square Antiques in Troy, or use your imagination to design something for yourself....we will be happy to create your design especially for you.
The slipcovered ottoman is extra large, and can be used as a coffee table in front of a would look great with the "adapted" crewel work framed tray sitting on top. The tray features a removable glass inset to protect the handwork. Handles for the tray are actual antique spoons, hammered and bent to shape.
Three sweet reversible baby bibs are made from prewashed fabric scraps...fronts are cotton prints that reverse to quilted cotton. Velcro closures and added detail of bias edging.
Also from fabric remnants, a fun shoulder bag of brown and blue floral with self straps, lined with a contrast check. Bag features two interior pockets.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Nook Under the Stairs

I have decided to "branch out" and take a few samples to our local antique shop. I hope to find new clients as well as sell some things that I have made, found, or redesigned. My good friend and I will share this tiny "nook under the staircase" at On the Square Antiques in Troy. Kathy is super talented and makes amazing stitcheries for framing. We have exhibited at arts and crafts shows together in the past. I look forward to this endeavor...although I think we are already crowding our space. There is not enough room for my slipcovered club chair and ottoman. Perhaps, later, we will have to take a larger space; but for now, it will be fun to plunder through our "nook" to find a treasure.