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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Trip to Say Good-Bye

I've been a bit busy...completing some small projects, directing Bobby on a couple of his projects, and tying up some loose ends. I'll be away a few days...not a, a very sad few days...

You see, I have always loved going to Texas-my mother's family lives all over the state. But this trip is not for fun---I must say good-bye to my Grandmother...she passed away on Sunday-and, oh I will miss her. She was the grandmother who took time to help me make my first skirt...and on a summer visit when I was maybe 12, she took me to the craft store and purchased supplies so that I could decoupage and make my very own purse-you remember the wood boxes...and I think I selected Holly Hobbie prints to decoupage. And she always had cookies baked for us (my siblings and me) to ice and decorate. And on later visits, she would help us coordinate our trips so that we could go to First Monday (the Canton, Texas flea market and antique sale)...I am really overwhelmed-there is so much to remember and share. So for now, I will direct you over to my daughter's website-she has a special post there to honor my grandmother-her great-grandmother...and, no one could have said it better. Thank you, Lauren.

I will leave you with a few photos of our latest projects...take care...

Friday, August 6, 2010

More White Slips

After learning that white cotton duck was sold out EVERYWHERE- I suggested to Elizabeth (Kappa Delta Sorority in Troy) that we should maybe try the white hopsack fabric for the chairs and ottoman slipcovers. I had already requested samples...and, it would have great texture as well as durability-14 oz as opposed to the 10 oz duck...
As usual practice, I prewashed and dried the fabric before beginning the slipcovers-only with this fabric, I cut smaller yardage per wash load. I normally cut 6-7 yards, but with this fabric having more bulk, I think I probably cut and washed about 4 yards/load. I also serged the ends that I cut to keep them from fraying in the washer and dryer. The hopsack washed and dried beautifully- and it does have this super texture and body...which adds a lot of interest and design to the white fabric.
I think the chairs and ottoman slipcovers look great in the sorority house...along with all the other new and/or restored pieces.
Elizabeth also ordered fabric yardage for lumbar pillows for the chairs and a large 48" square ottoman from Tonic Living. These fabrics are some of the cutest contemporary prints I have seen lately. It's always nice to learn about new fabric sites :)
As you can see in the before photo of the chairs-they are in perfect, how do you go from perfect to better??? And, really-I guess you don't so much...but the slipcovers in white simplify and unify the new look...and with slipcovers, you have options :)
Have a great weekend!! I have a little work to do :)