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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Few "Heart of Dixie" Chicks

Saturday...not always my day "off", but today is chick day at Scott Farms...and Bobby and I have been talking about having a few chickens for eggs. I mean, we live on a farm...and that is what we are supposed to do...everybody says we will "love it".'s to raising chickens. There is a really cute article (Chicks are for Kids) in the April/May issue of Mary Janes Farm magazine, a charming publication dedicated to the "farm girl" in all of us:)
OK, now back to Scott Farms...I've included some photos in this post to let everyone know what you are missing...or what I have been missing. It is the greatest farm supply store, ever (and especially in our rural area)-stocking all sorts of animal feeds and supplies; flowers, plants (including herbs) and garden seeds; and all other kinds of necessities for farmers and everybody else. And, along with all the items for sale, the store is a kind of mini museum of sorts with displays of antique farm implements and signs. But today, they were selling chicks!!! And chicken feeders, and waterers, and feed...we bought it all. I think they will have more chicks, and maybe ducks, too, in May.
We have our chicks "at home" now in our children's old rabbit for a few weeks, they should be fine. They will graduate to the "Pat House" that will become a cute little chicken coop after they grow a little. More on the story of the "Pat House" in a later blog.
Now, Mack, if your store only had fabrics, and pillow forms, and sewing supplies:)

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