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Friday, March 19, 2010

Whose law is it anyway?

You know, each and every year ( for the last few it seems anyway), I start doubting my continuous orders right after the holidays. That's when it usually slows a bit, for whatever reason...and I get a little bit "worried". Well, this year-like all the others-it happened. I fretted the whole month of January and a little of February-just not as busy-but maybe, too, the economy stuff and health care (ugh...). So what do I do now? I mean-there are some orders-but not as many "decorator-in-charge" orders. And...we still have 2 children, or should I say "young adults" in college.
I think it is "Murphy's Law" that states that anything that can go wrong does go wrong...or something to that effect...but I always say that it is the "Law of the Land"-either you have nothing to do or way, way, way too much...So that happened too...THANK YOU GOD!!! This is truly God's Law...and I am so thankful (even though I might whine or wonder how I am going to get to everybody).
I am working on a "real decorator" order now (beautiful Schumacher antique gold dot moire fabric drapes and coordinating sofa pillows with a braided cording- the dining room is next, and then the master, I think) ...and those orders CANNOT be put on the back burner, ever. But, I have a chair to slipcover with some of the cutest fabric ever-stay tuned for that one-I'm going to slip it in pretty soon-...and a child's bedroom whose mom keeps calling to see if I'm ready, " yet?"...and some white slipcovers for a set of dining chairs....and a zebra fabric slipcover for an ottoman...and a kitchen window treatment to discuss and figure out...and a living room-drapes...and a master bedroom complete-duvet, shams, and drapes (by April),...a sweet nursery for a precious "grandmother-to-be", ...and a couple other people in Dothan who probably have given up on me by now... And...I have some "great ideas" that I want Bobby and me to work on together. I wish I could do those right now, you know?
This is one of those "love-hate" things....I hate it when I am not busy... and, I love it when I am busy....but I hate having to make people wait...and, it is soooooo difficult to know how long any project is going to take. I work for myself, by myself-I told my mom the other day that I always did love that story "The Shoemaker and the Elves"...but, I have no elves...just me (and I haven't taught Bobby to sew,....yet). That could be a story for another day...
I really want to do all these projects...and I will-if everyone will wait for me. I try to keep an order to my business-although it's really hard not to help someone with a real deadline.
So, I will just keep sewing the way, we are still moving into the workshop-it's going to be great-I can just tell! But, that "law" takes up lots of time...and I need a couple of weeks off to move-but I'm not complaining...
Thanks again, God, for opportunities!!!

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