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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!! And, do you remember these days?

We've been doing a little Spring cleaning around here...not too much, mind you-just clearing out where we need the space. So, we happened upon these cuties...remember the good 'ol days of "arts and crafts shows"...Boy, it makes me tired just thinking about how much effort we put into having a "good show". The best ones were the fall shows-Pike Road, SAC's Gallery, Ft. Rucker, Ozark,, it makes my head spin to think about it. We worked day and late, late into the night preparing for these-and always hoping for "good" weather so people would show up and buy our "art", and believe me, we needed people to buy our "art".
I really enjoyed painting the things for Spring Shows, too...but, rarely did a show/sale happen before Easter...and, Bobby always said that Spring Shows weren't worth the time and effort involved.
Well, I miss painting these cute holiday decorations. Maybe one day, we will think about showing at an arts and crafts fair again. It would be fun to prepare and display without having to worry about the $$$ :)

I hope you all find the Golden Egg!!!! Easter Blessings to you all~Debbie

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