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Thursday, March 11, 2010

MY WORKSHOP IS FINISHED!!!!!!! (Almost...)

Well, the secret is out-there! I have not really told anyone about this-I mean, all of you who know me so well know that I have been wishing and hoping for this. But, I wanted it to be "real" before I shared. I am sooooo excited about my new space! Bobby has been working lots and lots of late hours-and, finally- at last, my workshop space is a reality. I have been working for years-sewing, painting, whatever the project of the moment happens to be-in our small family room and Lauren's bedroom and wherever else in our house that has extra space. And, anytime there was "company a comin'", we would shove all the fabric and whatever out of the way...and, I don't know if anybody really cared, but I always, always felt the need to explain why I had all this stuff in our family room. Well, to tell you the truth, our house is a workshop...and, Bobby and I live in our workshop. But we hope to recapture our home with some long past due updates . Meanwhile, we will be (slowly...and, little by little) moving all of my "supplies" -believe me, it will take quite some time to do this as it takes lots and lots of "supplies" for art and sewing projects.
So I will share a few photos...and, now-I will have an office and workshop to "meet" with you. I know there will always be other things we need to complete...but the space is great!
Thanks, Bobby! I Love You!


  1. Good for you! I sent you an email a couple about slipcovers for my sofa/chair and a half...shaunna, by the way. it didn't occur to me to tell you I followed your blog! :) The space is incredible; I just started my own small business restoring/refinishing furniture and accessories, old and new. So exciting and rewarding! Please feel free to check it out if you'd like! (also feel free to tell everyone you know that i'm doing it! ) :) Have fun in that beautiful's to creativity!

  2. WOW MOM! Your workshop is JUST lovely! I love it! Y'all did an excellent job. I can't believe how great it looks! I know you will be excited to have that space! And I really love the "workshop" and Cottage and Cabin signs!

  3. Your space is amazing, it will be so nice to work there !