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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Washed Linen...makes a Fantastic Slipcover!!

While you were the lake or beach or with family and friends...I completed this slipcover!  I do believe it is my favorite to date....I think I say that very same thing each time I complete a project :)  But it is the linen-the washed linen...and in natural-such a beautiful, neutral color.  It can't be wrong anywhere.  As a matter of fact---I think it is absolutely perfect, especially for Betty Jo!

This 2 cushion sofa is showing a bit of its age in its red stripe upholstery...and the seat cushions are worn and sort of  thin.  When Betty Jo called to ask about slipcover options for her sofa-I immediately suggested linen.  And not a crisp pressed linen...but a fabulously casual, washed linen-in natural!
This sofa required about 18 yards of fabric....for the slipcover in a tailored style.  Cushion covers with cording and zipper closures-and an extra piece of  bonded poly batting added about an inch to the cushion....and that gives the sofa a little more personality and comfort.
I made the slipcover for the main sofa body with a little bit of oversize...not too much....just a bit....for a casual appearance-and, to be able to remove the slip for necessary washes.
 My workshop is rediculously packed with too much fabric....and supplies and pieces of furniture to slip...and nursery bedding...and pillows.  So please understand if you come my way or notice the backgrounds in the photos I post....that everything you see has a purpose...or, just maybe, a potential purpose as a part of a sewing project...or furniture re-do.  Thank you, God....for work and clients!  I love what I do!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Artsy Potting Table

Just in time for your Springtime gardening projects-an artsy potting bench!  Bobby made this one with salvaged finds including the old wood door with great single pane windows-leaving the door knob and lock intact, rough wood re-purposed from a shipping crate,  some random vintage iron pieces to add a bit of personality, and even a few pieces of  old kitchen flatware....flattened and shaped into hooks for functionality.
This piece is a large one...measuring 78" tall and 31" wide.  The table area allows 25x24" of work space at a comfortable height  of 35".  There is a lower shelf of equal size below to hold potting soil and extra clay pots.
A couple of great add-ons for this piece include the side mounted iron towel cool is that?...made from an old iron rod...and the wood box to keep your scissors, twine, and small garden tools in check. Bobby even made a small shelf and attached it to the window area of the door--this shelf could hold small bedding plants, seed packets and even a little topiary for decoration.  Bobby added a pale antiqued aqua to the work table and accessories for a little color and fun!
Use your own ideas, make this unique piece work into your porch or patio!  Aside from the traditional  gardening use, this table could function as an outdoor grilling "prep table"...or beverage center....or a serving  table loaded with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails for an outdoor get-together around the pool.  Bobby has an early Friday delivery planned for this his booth at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan, Alabama...stop by and take a look if you are close-by! 

Have a great week-end!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bobby's Latest Tables from the Workshop!

Bobby has been quite busy as of late....and, I do mean night... :)
And he has a couple of great new tables available...they were delivered to our new booth at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan, Alabama...just this afternoon.  I think you will agree that each has a unique style...and each could serve most any purpose you could imagine.  So...a few photos to share...and I will give you sizing details...just in case you are wondering...
The long buffet style table would be great at just that....a serving table.  It would also function equally in your entry or mudroom...with baskets on the lower shelf to hold just what you need.  An old shutter door serves as the top of this piece.  The buffet table measures 16x78x34 inches tall...
Table #2....oh...this is a great one!  A beautifully rustic foyer table...or that's what I call it!  A vintage window 45x23 tops this handmade item...and with Bobby's carpentry skills...farmhouse style legs have been added along with a skirted surround below the window top.  This table has a finished height of 35". 
So...use them as you would a new home, your cottage...or at the lake or beach...these tables can suit most any purpose and be great conversation pieces to add to your collection!
Check out our smaller...down-sized booth at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan....334-794-7568.
We will be adding original pieces and slipcovered items as our time allows :)

Or call Bobby (334-268-0114) if you have a special request for a piece of farmhouse or cottage style furniture!
Hope you have a Happy Easter!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Slipcover for the Lake House

This one-of-a-kind daybed started as most of my other slipcover projects...a phone call, an email with a photo or two, a few more phone calls....thank you to all my clients who understand that I don't have time to personally meet with each one of you to discuss your project...and I digress :)  I work for myself, by myself...with no other help....well, except for that of my super wonderful pick-up and delivery man husband and friend, Bobby!  But he does not sew...well, not yet, anyway.  Slipcovering projects are very time consuming...and I so try to keep my prices affordable so that I can continue to have work to do.  But, although I know that it means a lot to everyone to take "only a few minutes" to discuss your particular project...those few minutes always turn into at least an hour....and I do not necessarily charge for my consult, I am actually loosing time from my sewing business when I am not sewing.  I guess that is confusing, at best...but it makes a whole lot of sense to me...I have, at any given time, about 10 projects in line....some small, some large...but to take an hour or so away for consults gets me "off task" just enough to slow my production.  It is not that I do not want to meet with anyone at all-I love people and I enjoy sharing my home and workspace-messy as it is :)   But I am already running a bit behind...and then I get a little nervous when people start calling and wondering about their, again, I say-thank you for understanding my business-small and simple as it is!  I can always take a little time on the telephone and email for ideas, discussing your yardage requirements, fabrics, style, and any other important and not-so-important thoughts...some of my clients have even been so kind as to have forwarded photo ideas for me to consider in other, back to this wonderful daybed.
This client so understood my time dilemma...and gave me time to finish my other projects....and that allowed me time to concentrate on hers...and she also allowed me a little "artistic license"...although most of this project was my client's idea.  We agreed on a warm white prewashed linen for the daybed base...I was thinking  a tailored style...but I am so happy that we decided on the gathered skirt...a wonderful cottage-y, romantic look for this piece...Mary Lynn had previously bought the quilt that I used for the mattress cover...I made a box style cover...with zippers on both remove this enormous mattress for washing the cording on this mattress cover...the quilt is so very thick that I felt it was unnecessary...I think the look is spectacular-cozy and relaxed! 
The bolster pillows....our plan was to use left-over quilt pieces around the pillow with a ruffle of linen...but, there was no left-over quilt.  I am always getting requests for burlap pillows-so I thought about that fabric for the bolsters...only instead of natural burlap...we used white.  This added another wonderful texture to the mix!  The two Euro pillows seemed to call for my standard "Etsy" ruffled pillow style...the ones with the 1" ruffled edge around the there.  I made each pillow with a zippered that the slips are removable...the linen covers are washable...the burlap-maybe just spot clean.

I only wish I had been able to take this piece out onto the meadow for a real photo shoot - it would have been lovely out in the green grassy pasture...instead, a few shots from my messy workroom...and, I could not get the whole piece in a photograph!  I hope to have a few photos from the proper home of the daybed...if so, I will share...
Call me...or email anytime ( to discuss your slipcover project....just remember that you must allow me to use your furniture piece for fitting purposes...I do not make "long distance" slipcovers with measurements only-I wish I could...but I will leave that to anyone else who might want to try :)
 We offer limited pick-up and delivery options...Thanks Mary Lynn for allowing me to work with you on your project!  It was so much fun!  Debbie

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Projects for a New Year

So it's back to work here...we had a super Christmas and New Year with our family-you know, it is great to have all of your grown children at home again :) And, Brantley-such a smart young man...spent Christmas Eve at home with me and Bobby....and, he knows that if you believe (and play the part)-Santa always pays a visit :) As long as you believe, Santa is real!!!
OK-with the decorations finally put away-I have finished a couple of projects that I thought I would share.
One- an Etsy custom order- nursery know, the ruffled edge bumpers and crib skirt. This client requested natural handkerchief linen -- here is the listing:
Classic nursery bedding in natural handkerchief linen, all prewashed and dried before construction. These softened linen nursery bedding pieces are finished with a 1" gathered ruffle edge. The four bumper pieces are made as separates...each with a zipper closure encasing the covered padded inserts. The bumpers are sewn with wide self-fabric ties that are made long enough for large bows. The crib skirt has a drop length of 17.5" including the ruffled edge.
I so enjoy making these sweet nursery pieces...and the softened linen is any color choice.
My other finished project is an ottoman and slipcover using medium weight chocolate brown linen. I made this slipcover in a simple structured style with a 1" gathered ruffle hem. This ottoman and slipcover will be sold together...but I would be happy to make a slipcover for your existing ottoman-for a great update! I have this ottoman and slip ready to deliver to our booth at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan...tomorrow :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A November to Remember...I am Thankful

This month has always been one of my favorites...remember when you were little and your favorite month was your birthday month? Yea...still true...not just because of my birthday, but November is just a beautiful time of year...the colors of nature and the beautiful crisp fall days-the sun even shines differently in November-the sky is more lovely, especially in the late afternoons when I walk my dogs and talk to God. I do this each day-it is my time-and usually only about 20-30 minutes...but it is a great time to reflect and thank God for all He does for me and my family.
It has been one of the most unusual months for me...Bobby had hernia repair surgery at the end of October-not a big deal, we thought...after having put it off for about 7 years. So Bobby decided to get it done...we are so busy, always, so no time is good----really. But-a few weeks-and back to work sounds simple enough...
Bobby developed (?) this sick...just not feeling well...and the site of the incision-well...infected-not good at all...Thankfully, he is on the mend now...and I truly mean "thankfully"-it has not been easy. I have tried to work and I have worked (lots!) ...but it is not the same to work when you are a bit worried about things-and, to tell you the truth - I am not a very good nurse. So, it is great to see him improving daily and feeling more like himself. He was actually so sick during the week of my birthday...and on the very day- he was in town running errands and did not come home until late. He was "looking for something"...he told me when I called to check on him...and so, you will never guess what he found for me for my birthday-you will never guess, so I will tell is precious, you see, -not expensive- as he said "it is the least of nothin'"...but to me,-my favorite gift this year. A toboggan-hunter orange! Is that a hoot? You see, it is deer hunting season here and my "walking territory" is close to other hunting property-he bought it for me to wear while walking the dogs:) And the birthday card-you should see it! A handwritten note on a folded piece of printer paper..."Happy Birthday" on the front, opening to "You are the sunshine in my life...can't wait to fix the house" "all my love" that is worth a million $$$$, don't you think? Just the sweet thought when he really felt lousy...and the "fix the house" see, we keep planning our small house remodeling project...other things get in the way, but we keep planning. Anyway, he is the greatest, sweetest, most caring and unselfish person I know-I mean, I really wanted to give "somebody" a piece of my mind when he developed that infection...but not Bobby, he is so kind and doesn't blame anyone at all-he is so good...just had to share that with you:) For Bobby, I am thankful.
And, my other favorite birthday dad called and sang to me...the "Happy Birthday" song...I will tell you, that will get you every time. For daddy, I am thankful.
Our daughter and son-in-law and grandson are getting ready to build a house close-by on the, I can't wait for Grayson to go for walks with me...and walk to my house to see me...and walking he is-everywhere now!!! For this move, I am thankful!
I have had a super sales month...lots of drapery orders and nursery bedding, and pillows...thank you, God...for these orders, I am thankful!
Going to my parents' home tomorrow for Thanksgiving Dinner! For this, I am thankful! It is great to visit my parents and family-Always!
Leaving you with a few photos of some of my latest projects...more to finish before Christmas--for more projects, I am thankful!
May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving as well...and make wonderful memories!