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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Fun Part

I am a seamstress...and, most of my time I spend sewing for decorators. That is my job...and, I am truly thankful each and every day to have a job. Sometimes, though, that is not exactly what I want to do-the sewing part...I love creating window treatments, don't get me wrong, but I occasionally get an idea that I think might be "good", or even "better" than my decorator's. However, I would never, ever, suggest we do something other than my "workorder". And, it is their idea, not mine, that the client selected. So, I do as I am told.
The "fun part" of what I do is having a client of my own!!! Having my own client allows me to make suggestions-toss ideas around for the style, color, hardware, and function of the window treatment. But, better than that, if you could imagine, is going to some of the homes I get to visit!!! Wow!
Today, I visited with a charming lady with a wonderful, whimsical room. You would have thought you had jumped into a Mary Englebreit magazine..."TOO CUTE"...that is the perfect title for Susanne's room.
We had lots of fun planning for her many concrete decisions, yet, on whether to use long panels or fun, playful valances. But the fabrics are a sure thing: a playful mix of narrow primary stripes on white cotton, solid red cording, and a cute contrast check in blue, I think.
The main issue is to add to the room's (and client's) vivacious personality! And, I am sure we will.

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