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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clothes for Baby

I must find a little time...a lot of make some sweet baby boy clothes. My first "real" sewing projects were baby clothes. My mother suggested I take a smocking class after my first child was born. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to smock...but at the time, I knew nothing about constructing garments....only how to do the handwork. I would timidly ask Bobby's Aunt Mary Lizzie to help me with constructing the garments after I finished a smocking project. I remember wishing I could sew. Well, after a while I guess I just decided to read the pattern and try it myself.

I have since made lots and lots of precious baby and children's favorites are cute little playclothes with mix and match fabrics. I sew mostly home decor now...but, I will gladly make some outfits for Grayson...and for your little one if you would like. Please email or call for special options and orders.

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