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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mix and Match... a Pair of Wingbacks

My latest slipcovering project has transformed Jane's two different wingback chairs into a pair for her bedroom. The chairs are both great pieces, really...but totally different styles. It is amazing to see how fabric can totally change furniture.
Each chair has its own unique details-arm style, legs and feet, and seat cushion. With only their "wings" to unite the two-Jane left the rest to the fabric. And, the white cotton duck definitely unified and completed the pair. Jane plans to paint the legs and feet....I don't know if I could bear to add paint to those wonderful old dark ball and claw feet-I so love really old and worn, timeless antique pieces-untouched and left in their original state. But to each his own...I know people have different design tastes-and I accept that...and, after all, I am no decorator--just a seamstress really with a few artsy ideas of my own :)
But taking a couple of old chairs and creating this "pair" of wingbacks was a good idea...
Have a great and busy week!!! Hope you accomplish lots :)

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  1. You make sure to give yourself've got a great eye! ;)