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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bobby's Post

I wanted to share some of Bobby's newest furniture pieces and decided that today is the very best day of all to do just that! Happy Birthday, Bobby!!!
Bobby has come a long way with his building skill level since way back in the day-probably the early 80's when we were out shopping and I wanted to buy a shelf-you know the one-about 3 feet long, brown stain, country style with a couple of pegs and I think a heart cutout....I am sure it had a heart cut-out...all shelves of that day had heart cut-outs :)
Anyway, I wanted to buy this beautiful shelf...and Bobby said, "I can make that." So, as they say, the rest is history. I had no idea he could build things-nor did he, probably. But, being a farmer-he had to work on and fix most things, I guess he sort-of taught himself building skills by copying :) or shall we say "reproducing" things we found or bought.
Bobby made shelves, cabinets, Christmas ornaments, wood boxes, and a host of all sorts of other things that anyone might want...those were the craft show days...did I mention Bobby was a farmer??? Well, those farming days were a little (or alot) tough. Bobby and I both quickly learned that maybe his building skills would pay better than farming.
Bobby's craft show and cabinet building skills turned into home repair and remodeling skills as he ventured into some larger projects. He really is amazingly talented...with a unique style sense! I am very proud of all his accomplishments...I think maybe he is, too,...but you would never know because of his humble, quiet personality. But if you have an idea and want a unique, artsy piece of furniture...just ask him...but make sure he knows you are serious---just like the day we met Elizabeth and Stephanie at the Kappa Delta Sorority House at Troy University...they were really busy making decisions...and Bobby kept asking me, "am I supposed to be here?"-I think he sort of felt out of place...away from his comfort zone of "the barn".
Anyway, they got around to mentioning a couple of items they had in mind for the sorority house...and thought Bobby would be able to create just the pieces. And, I think he did just that...
Bobby has built several different benches, but he wanted these to really "show up"...and they do. But I am most thrilled with the coffee table they requested...and I hope to see Bobby build some other pieces similar in style (well, I PLAN to see Bobby build some other pieces similar in style :)
Thank you, Elizabeth and Stephanie, for calling us...
Have a great weekend!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Bobby! I LOVE YOU!!! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Bobby. I love his benches, very talented man.

  2. Yes Dad is very very talented and can build, do, and fix anything!
    Don't know what I'd do without him!
    Happy Birthday Dad!

  3. LOVE that coffee table. Are you going to sell it or ones like it?

  4. After I dropped a load off the other night, I fell in love with that coffee table! And your slipcovers, of course! Great job, you guys!

  5. OMG! I LOVE LOVE the coffee table!! And Dad of course! Can I have one? And the bench! Y'all are SO talented!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Bobbie and WoW! He makes gorgeous furniture! I adore the coffee table, real style!

  7. All of the pieces you both did for the KD house EXCEEDED my expectations!! Thank you so much for fitting us in especially in such a tight time frame!! The house is amazing!!

  8. I love it all! Happy Belated Birthday Bobby!! Both of you are such talented people.

    Stay in Touch!!