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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ottomans and Etsy

Take your existing ottoman and give it a new look!!!! Use a slipcover-and this summer-make it using burlap and a little natural cotton ruffled edge-very sweet and casual.
A lot of the older ottomans, you know the ones-with the fitted upholstery and cording-skirted with the stiff crinoline inside, are great pieces to start. First, take the skirt away. Let the legs show-and really, most of these have the square stained post legs-the really older ones. The legs are usually not fancy, they may be even a little rustic-even better. And, the legs are probably stained a dark walnut or similar color-PERFECT!
After removing the skirt...and revealing the cute little legs, add your updated slipcover for a simple new look.
My latest Etsy interests have been these great little slipcovers. The burlap gives great texture and mixing the natural cotton ruffle sweetens and softens it a bit.
Add a couple of matching pillows to complete your new look.
Not such a big deal...but a super summer, casual look.

Let me know if I can help update your ottoman with a burlap slipcover :)


  1. so glad I found your blog. I am TOTALLY going to order one of these from you sometime soon! I love this idea....
    but I couldn't find it anymore on etsy! Are you still making it? You do very nice work!