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Thursday, May 6, 2010

So I've Been in Hiding...

No, not really...but I have been trying to catch up on my back logged list of about 17 projects...really. It's a good thing that "I love what I do"-otherwise, I might stop now. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes...I am so trying to be timely with everyone's slipcovers, drapes, bedding, and other items. But, without a host of elves to come out at night and work, I can only sew on one machine at a time...speaking of, my favorite serger (the big one...see photos)-the one I love to use for my slipcovers has to go to the repair shop-tomorrow. Bobby has tried to repair it for days and nights to no avail-- So, hopefully Nick at Derrell's in Dothan, Alabama (the greatest sewing machine service and repair shop) will be able to work wonders and get this up and going quickly (while we wait)-I am really, really wishing because I so need it back-(up and running)-to finish the dining room chair slipcovers for Kay :) I do have your ottoman ready, however!!! And, it is good-looking...hope to bring it by to you tomorrow, well today now :)
And, next up, Shaunna's slips-guess what color???? :) I have talked her into washing and drying the fabric to help us speed up the process-thanks Shaunna...that's a lot of fabric, huh? They are going to be great white duck slips-a casual, tailored look...perfect for her and her family.
By the way, I am working in my workroom now-YAY!!!! The house workshop is still a mess-but, I will eventually get it all moved I suppose.
I finally completed a loveseat I have been working on during my "off time"-now that is hilarious...but I like to keep a piece available at Old South Antique Mall . With my "decorator" project going on for so long, everything had to be placed on hold. This loveseat is a second hand immaculate piece that measures 60" long, 36" deep, and has a seat height of 19.5". The skirt has a drop of 12". The fabric I chose for this loveseat is an oatmeal colored cotton duck that has been pre-washed and dried...taking care of shrinkage issues for later. And, if you have little children or pets that are "sweet, messy little things", all the better. Simply remove the slipcover, and wash and dry to clean.
So much has been happening in our world...Grayson (our baby grandson-almost 9 months now) is saying "MOM MOM MOM"-now that's a Mother's Day gift to remember :) Check out Lauren's website -they have lots of new things going on...birdhouses, picture frames, and recipe boxes-to name a few.
And, the chicks are growing...their coop is partially ready-more on that story later.
I'll be working on your things-promise :) And, Happy Mother's Day to you all !!!