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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shaunna's Slips ( Intro and Part 1)

So, to tell you the truth, in the beginning this new chic had us sort of "shakin' in our boots"...I mean-I started hearing "have you seen Shaunna's blog?"....not once, not twice, but lots and lots and lots. And the only Shaunna I knew of at all had been in school with my children...Could it be that Shaunna? She was painting furniture and decorating? She kind of appeared suddenly and with great reviews...and I looked her up and was quite impressed :) And I told Bobby to take a look at this blog-look what she's doing...and what did he say? First of all, he said "she looks like her momma, doesn't she?"...well now, if you have any knowledge of history in our county, you know that's a compliment-and in more ways than one :) And I said, "look at her furniture, Bobby, it's good, isn't it?..."
And so the word on the streets was that the antique store where we house and hopefully sell our painted and repurposed furnishings would probably close and we would all go broke :)...blah, blah, blah, drama, ...Anyway, then Bobby (the wise, good man) said, "y'all be nice to that little girl..."
And I know, he's right...we want our artsy town to be the best....and to have lots of great artistic people-all different-with his or her own unique talents...there is room for all of us. We do all have somewhat varied styles...from a little rustic and primitive to refined and fresh. So if you haven't had the opportunity to meet Shaunna, do it now...she's charming and it's great to have a new artsy friend....any day :)
Now that we are finished with the introduction...I am truly honored that Shaunna contacted me to make her slipcovers!!!! And what big furniture pieces she has-on the scale of small to large, Shaunna's pieces are HUGE! They are comfy, cozy, oversized and THE PERFECT PIECES FOR SLIPCOVERS!!!!! I love the style-all separate cushions...and great arms! Shaunna's fabric of choice...well, if you know Shaunna, you know that answer-WHITE COTTON DUCK!! The transformation to this casual, beachy look is perfect for summer...take a look at the photos. Hey Shaunna, please share photos on your blog, pretty please-my space (even my new workspace) does not do these oversized beauties justice....the photos will be much better taken in a larger space, I am sure.
So, this is the sofa....we decided to start with the largest piece and work down to the chair and a half and ottoman. Shaunna prewashed and dried her fabric (THANKS FOR SAVING ME LOADS-pun intended- OF TIME :) And I know you did not have time to do this laundry, either, Shaunna...really-thanks! Oh, and a word about washing slipcovers. I serge all raw edges so...if your slipcover fabric has been pre-laundered, that should take care of shrinkage issues for later, but they are kind of like your if you dry your cotton slipcovers totally...they will fit tightly, but they will stretch and be fine. (So especially on the cushion covers...the big ones, you might feel as though you are arm wrestling a bear to get them on, but it is worth the effort :)
And my, how I wish that before I had priced the labor for these great pieces, I had seen that beautiful turquoise dresser in Shaunna's entryway (see it HERE). Now that would have been the swap :) I LOVE THAT PIECE!!!!! I love what you are doing with your home Shaunna. I love unique pieces of old furniture...and remade pieces of furniture...and pieces that Bobby builds...and well, I love furniture with a story. the sofa is ready, Shaunna-call me when you are home and we will deliver this one and pick up the next pieces. I hope you love them, my new "artsy" friend :) I truly appreciate your business and I am so honored that you considered me for your project! Talk to you soon!!!


  1. Oh, Debbie!! Thanks so much for the kind words! I truly was nervous starting this new endeavor; but now, I, like you, realize that creativity has room for lots of different styles and I love getting to work with you on these. And by the way, it is FABULOUS!!! I CANNOT WAIT to get it in my home! Talk to you so soon! (oh and marvelous reviews on the blog soon to come!)

  2. Oh, and by the way, hate I caused any drama! :)

  3. The slipcovers are so beautiful. I love the cotton duck fabric. What a fantastic job....Kathy

  4. Amazing transformation! I'm featuring you today! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Wow!! That is awesome! I love it!

  6. Debbie, what an amazing job you did to Shaunna's red sofa. You are very talented, can't wait to see more of your slips. I slipcovered a red sofa also!

  7. I love the pillow back. It looks so comfy.

  8. I am in complete amazement that you slipcovered this sofa!!!!!
    Utterly amazed...what a gift!
    Where in Alabama do you live?
    We just moved from Tuscaloosa to Seattle!