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Saturday, August 29, 2009

White Linen Slipcovers

White linen...the fabric of choice for slipcovers in the latest issues of home decorating magazines. I recently completed a slipcover for a sleeper sofa using a medium weight white linen-prewashed and dried (this is a definite must do--otherwise, your investment will shrink with the first cleaning).

I think the finished slipcover looks beautiful in its new space...and, although this project almost did not happen-my client is thrilled with the result.

The problem was my client's fear of having the sofa moved from its location-a second floor bedroom. And, as I stated earlier, the piece is a sleeper sofa....very, very heavy. It seems that there were issues when the sofa was first delivered to the home--there was damage to the beautiful hardwood floors.

But, I require the furniture piece in my workshop. I'm not willing to travel and set up shop in someone's home or beach house....I prefer my own space. It may not be the most efficient use of time or space, but it is my time and space and I work best when I am happiest. And, I am happiest at home in my shop.

So my assistants, Bobby and Joe (my husband and son-in-law), were able to remove the bedding hardware from the sofa and deliver the piece to my workshop. After I completed the slipcover, I was able to go along for the installation. Bobby and Joe re-attached the bedding hardware, I added the slipcover and took a few photos...and, there was no damaged flooring. A perfect ending with a happy client!

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  1. Debbie, The slipcover looks great! I never knew you could take the sleeper part off the sofa. I learned something new.