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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Show (or in this case, "Work") Must Go On

My latest sewing project " for pay", my real job, has been to make slipcovers in navy blue duck canvas for a chair and ottoman, and as well for a two piece sectional. This has been an odd group to slipcover...not the standard pieces to which I am accustomed. But, I think they are coming together and will make the young client very happy. The chair and ottoman are antique pieces with cute wood feet and arm details-which of course need to be exposed! I made the skirts short and tailored, and for the arms...a corded opening with ties.

The sectional, on the other hand, is a new upholstered La-Z-Boy sofa. It is actually two loveseats separated in the center. And, it has two unique curved extra large seat cushions and a slightly curved back . I am working on "part 2" of the sectional now and plan to finish it today or tomorrow. One other thing about the sectional is the semi-attached back cushions...I usually try to talk my clients into allowing me to separate these, therefore having a separate cushion to slipcover with a zippered closure. This piece, however, is brand new with tags still attached. I hate to ask the client...well, I did ask, but she said "no". So, I proceeded and made an allowance to encase the puffy semi-attached cushions into the back of the slipcover. All said and done, it turned out least part 1 turned out great. And, part 2 is on its way to the finishing stages.

I must hurry now and finish! And, as much as I want to go to my grandson's homecoming, "...the show must go on." I will visit with the baby this evening.

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