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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Washed Linen...makes a Fantastic Slipcover!!

While you were the lake or beach or with family and friends...I completed this slipcover!  I do believe it is my favorite to date....I think I say that very same thing each time I complete a project :)  But it is the linen-the washed linen...and in natural-such a beautiful, neutral color.  It can't be wrong anywhere.  As a matter of fact---I think it is absolutely perfect, especially for Betty Jo!

This 2 cushion sofa is showing a bit of its age in its red stripe upholstery...and the seat cushions are worn and sort of  thin.  When Betty Jo called to ask about slipcover options for her sofa-I immediately suggested linen.  And not a crisp pressed linen...but a fabulously casual, washed linen-in natural!
This sofa required about 18 yards of fabric....for the slipcover in a tailored style.  Cushion covers with cording and zipper closures-and an extra piece of  bonded poly batting added about an inch to the cushion....and that gives the sofa a little more personality and comfort.
I made the slipcover for the main sofa body with a little bit of oversize...not too much....just a bit....for a casual appearance-and, to be able to remove the slip for necessary washes.
 My workshop is rediculously packed with too much fabric....and supplies and pieces of furniture to slip...and nursery bedding...and pillows.  So please understand if you come my way or notice the backgrounds in the photos I post....that everything you see has a purpose...or, just maybe, a potential purpose as a part of a sewing project...or furniture re-do.  Thank you, God....for work and clients!  I love what I do!


  1. amei seu blog, você é muito criativa e talentosa.
    Boa sorte pra vc e sua família

  2. I adore washed linen! Just bought curtains for my bedroom and look foward to putting them up. A linen sheet also looks great simply thrown over a couch or chair, and you can't beat linen napkins:). Great job!

  3. I love the slipcover! How talented you are and what a great choice of fabric!

    Have a great weekend

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

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