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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bobby's Workshop

I would not have much to post without the help of my super hero carpenter husband, Bobby. He has a terrific talent for finsh carpentry and cabinet building and old house repair and workshop building (hint, hint) and curtain rod installation and plumbing and some electrical issues and just anything else you could need or want..... I just wish he had more time, but, don't we all?

Well, he is definitely the hard work behind all of our creations and re-makes. So, if your older home needs help or you want a special piece built per your him, or me if you can't find him-and I will help you track him down.

This is our latest...a cute, little black settee-upholstered with a 5" foam cushion covered with sage cotton toile. Cording detail of green check cotton accents the cushion as well as the matching pair of 16" ruffled pillows. Bobby has built settees like this in the past for our friend, Gail, who manages Troy Antiques...and, she is a super seller!!!! Our black settee will be available at Old South Antique Mall in Dothan after Thursday...we have a smaller booth (the nook under the stairs) at Troy Antiques, but we have to limit the size of our items there. Check out these antique stores often for all sorts of decorating ideas and unusal pieces.

And...I am so excited about these last few postings, not only for the new items available, but the location of the photos (hint #2)....more surprises coming soon.

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