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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween and Other Issues...

It's been a busy October in my world...and, obviously the blog has gone by the wayside-but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to cry "calf-rope" and realize you just can't do it all!! Our "St. Louis" daughter came for a visit and brought her boyfriend-and, it was great!!!! All except the part where I tripped over the electrical cord and flew through the hallway only to land on my arms-full force!! OWWWWWW!!!! And, I mean that. This accident happened the day before Allie and Chris were to arrive-so, as you can imagine, I was cleaning the house and preparing partial meals (so I would not have to spend their entire visit in the kitchen). I was finishing making a chocolate cake (Allie loves chocolate...and, don't we all!!) when I remembered that I wanted to give Bobby the necessary measurements to cut boards for the roman shades that I was trying to complete-so, you see, I was cleaning and cooking and working when I remembered that I must then run to my workroom to get information...keyword (run)...So, as I hurried around the corner, I forgot that I had moved the fan, and...that's when it happened-always in a hurry to do one more thing.

Bobby just happened to be inside...and he called out "can you get up?"...and I called back..."NO"...I think I knew I could get up, but I could not hurry....So, he has offered to get me "Life Alert" so I can be safe-"ain't it great"!! Anyway, Bobby finished making the chocolate icing for the chocolate cake-and, he loved every minute of "what do I do with the rest of the icing left in the bowl? Eat it?". The rest of the day I spent moaning and groaning, but assuring myself that since I could move my arm, it must not be broken. But not only did I injure my left arm, but also my right pinkie finger-so you see, both arms-kind of hard to do any kind of sewing or cooking or... tie your shoes...

Anyway, Bobby helped me finish the roman shades that night. Allie and Chris arrived and we had a great visit! I just moved extra slowly. And, do you know it is difficult to do anything...and I mean anything, without full use of your arms-left or right.

And, two weeks later, I have been working ever so carefully and slowly-but making accomplishments-and, that's a very good thing. I don't think I have that insurance that pays when you can't know, the duck.

My biggest accomplishment since "the accident" has been the eight- one and one half width drapery panels- lined and interlined-with a fabric tape sewn down the lead edges...the fabric was a beautiful green herringbone stitched silk. Bobby and I installed these panels in a master bedroom in a home in the Garden District in Dothan.

Since then, I have been making dust ruffles, tailored bedskirts and all sorts of down filled pillows and shams. I will try to take new photos soon to share.

And, Happy Halloween...from the baby....and Honey...have you ever seen a cuter "pooh"? That's another thing-there is not enough time in the world-I certainly misplanned my timing to retire...???? Can I ever??? But, I wish I was-retired- so that I could spend my days playing with this sweet pumpkin.

Speaking of Grandmothers...I found these vintage cross-stitched "Grandmother" poems...and, added new fabrics to make pillows-perfect "conversation" pillows for a rocker or sunporch swing. These pillows and lots of other new finds are available for sale at On the Square Antiques in Troy.

I enjoy blogging when I get a chance...hopefully it won't be so long before my next. Be careful out there and don't can accomplish more if you take it slower sometimes...


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